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A partner wants to go beyond the simple commercial relationship to invest with us in achieving the best websites monitoring service for himself or his clients.

You want to become partner

Whether to resell our service or integrate it with your own product, service, we are looking for partners with whom to interact, either technological or commercial.

Get in touch with us if you want to collaborate !

Technology partners

They allow us to expand the range of possibilities. Check my web site would not exist without them!


  • OVH : Check my Website backend and check servers
  • Vulture : check servers
  • Online : check servers
  • Digital Ocean : check servers
  • Media Host : check servers
  • Linode : check servers
  • Gandi : check servers


They integrate Check my Website at the heart of their products and we thank them.

  • Shinken : A pack is available to get Check my Website data directly into Shinken.
  • Merethis : The Centreon plugins integrate a « check » that retrieves Check my Website data directly into Centreon.
  • Eyes Of Network : This solution based on Nagios gets a plugin to retrieve Check my Website data directly from EON.

And of course, all open source projects that we use every day to deliver the best possible service.

Business partners

We are actively working at the moment with a few web agencies so they can offer their customers our services.

Financial partners

The Pays de la Loire region supports Novateek and therefore Check my Website through an interest-free loan.

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