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When you don’t charge anything, we don’t charge anything. As simple as that!

Coming ourselves from a associative background and users/contributors for many years of open source software, our first « marketing » decision was to create the program « Free Forever For FOSS ».

« Free Forever For FOSS » program

This program can benefit for free of service Check my Website for one or more sites under the conditions recommended by the publisher of the service; namely:

  • 3 maximum check locations.
  • Parallel checks from these locations every minute.
  • Unlimited Emails for notifications.

What do we call Open Source project?

Open Source Projects

All open source projects, without regarding their license, can benefit from the program. Such sites therefore within the program:

  • Open Source Project Sites.
  • Documentation and Support Sites of an Open Source project.
  • Planet or blog dealing with Open Source software.
  • Community Sites for Open Source in general or a particular project.

Does not fit into the program commercial sites relevant to Open Source.

For example, the official website Shinken project is into the program while the site that sells solutions based on Shinken is not within the program.

Let me be clear, we do not ask anything in return of this gesture in favor of the Open Source movement. However, we have nothing against a link back or a word to us on the monitored site. It is at your discretion!

How to benefit from the « Free Forever For FOSS » program?

Very easy! After verifying that your site is within the terms of allocations expressed above, fill in the form with the address of the site to supervise and a contact address.

They benefit from the program

They have brought us so much… And continue to do so. We are pleased to be able to monitor these projects: