Check my Website

You monitor your clients websites from your infrastructure. Give them a independent measure against seamlessly!

Why propose a measure against ?

Against a measure done independently by an operator making only web site monitoring enhances customer confidence.

Guarantee the performance of your hosting plans

You warrant factually, by numbers, the performance and availability of your hosting plans.

Validate the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

You are incurred by service level agreements with customers. Use an independent service to check availability of their sites and do not be judge and jury.

Fully integrated into your customer interface

Check my Website is primarily a service designed as an API. Our console is itself a client of it. You can fully integrate with your own client interface all the possibilities of the service. You will operate in white-label mode, transparent to your customer.

Add, edit, delete websites attached to your account via simple queries to the service. Each of your customers may request directly from your console the monitoring of its website.

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